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Henry Ford European Conservation Award

In 1998 REMIS GmbH and Tengelmann AG were honoured with the highly renowned "Henry Ford European Conservation Award" (since 2000: "Ford Grants") for “outstanding energy-saving work in the field of environmental technology” in the category "Environmental Technology".  At the time we had entered the market with our concept of specially coated glass covers for the retrofitting of refrigerated display cabinets and freezer cabinets.  The University of Kassel has estimated that a good 70 % of the total amount of energy consumed in the retail food sector goes into the cooling of food.

REMIS Health Centre e.V.

Our direct involvement in Gambia (West Africa) began in 2003, following many years of contact with Tengelmann AG, as well as with the HCE (Hilfs-Center-Essen-Darsilami e.V.).

In co-operation with the ISET (Institut für solare Energieversorgungstechnik at the University of Kassel), we have realized a project - with financial, technical and personnel inputs, the latter also on site - which provides the children's dormitory in Darsilami (Gambia) with its own stand-alone power supply. Meanwhile, Paul Isfort has travelled to Gambia several times within the scope of the project.  Parallel to the afore-mentioned work we have been organizing annual fundraising campaigns for this project and associated ones in Darsilami since 2003.