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REMIglas - Refrigerating systems

Smart energy efficiency for freezer chests and refrigerated shelves.
At the heart of the REMIS company philosophy is the idea of taking responsibility for people and the environment. This is why we are so pleased to be making a great leap forward in terms of climate protection in the food retail trade with our products: REMIS glass covers are currently the most effective method of saving energy in this field. They enable you to operate in an energy-efficient manner, even as your cooling requirements increase.

REMImobil - Mobile systems

Individual product solutions for the caravan industry and campers.
Not only the simplicity of the products, but more so their functionality and quality are what really impress our customers. At REMIS, this high product standard always extends right down to the instructions for installation.

Mo.T.I.S. Automotive

The company's newest business areas is Mo.T.I.S.
Mo.T.I.S. takes the basic principles of caravanning as its starting point and transfers them into the commercial vehicle sector. The idea is for REMIS to make such vehicles a more comfortable place in which to spend time.
With Mo.T.I.S., REMIS has set itself the challenge of making the difficult job of the HGV driver that little bit easier. The aim is for the driver's cab to be used as a comfortable workspace, dining area or resting area by turns. REMIS's solution consists of two system towers with areas that can be laid out using different modules. Everything is here, from a microwave and fridge to a sink and even a toilet.