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For over 40 years REMIS has been using engineering know-how, innovative energy and creativity to develop intelligent solutions and to convert these into functional and attractive products.

REMIS Innovations

Creating innovations is our tradition, our business, our greatest concern.


Our corporate philosophy

  • To establish a continuous and intensive dialogue with our customers, starting as early as the development phase, and to develop highly customized products
  • To realize solutions in a flexible and speedy manner
  • To perfectly combine the product’s functionality and design with the material’s workmanship and quality
  • To act responsibility towards the environment and natural resources
  • To take on personal responsibility for each employee, as practised in the family-owned company

Technical know-how

Each of our business areas, REMIS refrigerating systems, REMIS mobile systems and REMIS automotive, has its own development department equipped with state-of-the-art technology (3D-CAD systems, test benches for longterm testing, air-conditioning chambers, rapid prototyping facilities etc.).