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Renault Master- Fahrerhaus mit zugezogener Verdunkelung

REMIfront IV – the cab darkening system

Our front window darkening system can be installed in your new vehicle or retrofitted. With a little know-how, skill, and the right tools, professional campers can easily carry out the retrofit themselves. 

With  the Remis cab darkening system, you get a better night’s sleep. Other campers cannot look in, and the cab is protected from sunlight, so the motorhome will never get too hot. Ask our sales partners about other blind systems in their product range as well. These include our cassette blind and the sun protection blind. If insects in your motor home cause you headaches, the insect protection doors from REMIS are your best bet.

Your specialist dealer will be glad to help you find the right solution for your motorhome. Please note that REMIS front darkening systems are not suitable for vehicles with airbags on the A-pillar and above the doors. Special equipment packages may also affect compatibility. Please ask your specialist dealer about this before making your purchase!

Technical details

Here you will find the current selection of product variants for various vehicle model years with different equipment packages. 

REMIS driver darkening systems are unsuitable for vehicles with airbags on the A-pillar and above the doors, as well as for vehicles with special packages other than those listed:

Please check the compatibility of the product for your vehicle before purchasing!