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Fiat Ducato mit zugezogener Fahrerhausverdunkelung

REMIfront IV for the FIAT Ducato

The windscreen is darkened by a two-part sliding element with magnetic lock. This closes in the middle of the front window, the inside mirror remains in place.

The side parts are supplied as a complete frame and fixed to the door frame, the ventilation openings remain free.

The system is easy to retrofit and provides quick and pleasant privacy protection in an uncomplicated way. 

Product application images


Technical details

Here you will find the current selection of product variants for various vehicle model years with different equipment packages. 

REMIS driver darkening systems are unsuitable for vehicles with airbags on the A-pillar and above the doors, as well as for vehicles with special packages other than those listed:

Please check the compatibility of the product for your vehicle before purchasing!