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Committed to innovations, beholden to the environment

The pleasure in the technical development of new ideas, as well as the premise of always endeavouring to make life a little easier for people go hand in hand with the satisfaction of integrating environmental protection into our innovations and social commitment into our corporate philosophy.

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Henry Ford European Conservation Award

In 1998 REMIS GmbH and Tengelmann AG were awarded the prestigious "Henry Ford European Conservation Award" (since 2000: "Ford Grants") for "outstanding energy-saving achievements in the field of environmental technology" in the corresponding category "environmental technology". We entered the market with our concept of specially coated glass covers for retrofitting to refrigerators and freezers. The University of Kassel estimates that a good 70% of the total energy requirement in food retailing is used for cooling food.

REMIS Health Centre e.V.

Our involvement in Gambia (West Africa) began in 2003 through our long-standing contact with Tengelmann AG and HCE (Hilfs-Center-Essen-Darsilami e.V.).

In cooperation with ISET (Institute for Solar Energy Supply Technology at the University of Kassel), we have implemented a project to supply the children's bed house in Darsilami (Gambia) with self-sufficient electricity, financially, technically and in terms of personnel, also on site. Paul Isfort has travelled to The Gambia several times for this purpose. At the same time, we have been carrying out annual fundraising campaigns for this and affiliated projects in Darsilami since 2003.