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Insect protection doors for motorhomes, camper vans and caravans

To complete the all-round feel-good package, in addition to the insect protection systems on the windows, the doors must also provide protection against unwanted insects.

With REMIS insect protection doors REMIcare II and REMIcare Van you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and light while being protected from insects. So you can enjoy a pleasant and well-ventilated camping trip, without the visit of mosquitoes or gnats. Even at night you can open the vehicle door for ventilation and close the insect screen door - so you get fresh air without annoying mosquitoes. In addition, the pleated black material offers a light privacy screen and thus improved privacy. 

A rain deflector ensures a dry entrance area in the Fiat Ducato. This prevents rainwater from entering the vehicle even in light winds and at the same time reduces the risk of slipping.

With the optional table rail you can easily and quickly attach the dinette table to the insect screen door in the exit area and enjoy the fresh wind and sun without annoying insects getting into the vehicle. 


REMIcare Van
insect protection door

With REMIS insect protection doors you will experience plenty of fresh air and brightness in your van.

REMIcare Van rain deflector

The REMIcare van rain deflector directs water drops away from the sliding door (Fiat Ducato only)

insect protection door

The pleated insect screen door for motorhomes and caravans, perfectly adapted to the interior.