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Halb zugezogene REMIcare Van Insektenschutztür an einem Fiat Ducato Wohnmobil

insect protection door

Our REMIcare Van insect protection door is made of black, slightly pleated material. Even with the sliding door open, flies, mosquitoes, and gnats are kept out of your sleeping and living area, without obstructing your view.

With a little skill, you can install the REMIcare Van insect protection door in the sliding door yourself.

If you own a Fiat Ducatos (or a structurally similar vehicle from another manufacturer), the REMIcare Van rain deflector keeps raindrops away from the sliding door so that you can leave it open during bad weather.

The REMIcare Van insect protection door is not just available for the Fiat Ducato, but also for other vehicles including the Volkswagen T5/ T6, the Mercedes Sprinter, and the Ford Transit Custom.

REMIcare Van - Insektenschutztüre für den Fiat Ducato



REMIcare Van für weitere Fahrzeughersteller


REMIcare Van for the Fiat Ducato
also available with table rail

Here you will find the current selection of product variants for various vehicle sizes and with different equipment variants. 

Models: For the Fiat Ducato (X250 / X290)


REMIcare Van für weitere Modelle

Hier finden Sie die aktuelle Auswahl an Produktvarianten für diverse Fahrzeuggrößen und mit unterschiedlichen Ausstattungsvarianten. 

Modelle: Ford Transit Custom, Mercedes Benz Sprinter und Volkswagen T5/T6