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REMIcare Van Regenabweiser leitet Regen gekonnt von der Schiebetür eines Fiatducato bei strömendem Regen ab

REMIcare Van rain deflector

The newly developed REMIcare van rain deflector for the Fiat Ducatio is installed firmly at the top edge of the door cut-out and guides water drops away from the vehicle. It can be retrofitted with a little craftsmanship, sits concealed in the interior and folds out automatically when the door is opened. 

Extensive tests have shown that even light spray does not get into the vehicle interior. The REMIcare rain deflector can also be used with the REMIcare Van fly screen door installed.


REMIcare Van rain deflector for the Fiat Ducato

Here you will find the current selection of product variants for various vehicle sizes and with different equipment variants. 

models: Only available for the Fiat Ducato (X250 / X290)