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REMIcare Van and REMIcare II insect protection doors and rain deflectors for motorhomes, camper vans, and caravans

Do you love holidays that are free and independent and spending your free time in a motorhome, caravan, or camper van? With its REMIcare VAN insect protection doors for your camper van and REMIcare II for your caravan or motorhome, REMIS offers you effective protection against annoying flies, mosquitoes and gnats. The fly screen doors are a must-have as they protect against insects, while allowing daylight and fresh air into the vehicle.

If you own a Fiat Ducato (or a structurally similar model), you can install a table in the vehicle thanks to the new optional “table rail” feature in just a few simple steps. All you need is to attach the table from the vehicle interior to the REMIcare VAN or to the kitchen block in the outdoor area. Then you can enjoy the fresh air and the sun, with effective fly protection and access to the vehicle at any time through the sliding door.

The new rain deflector from REMIS means that you do not need to close the door if it is raining. The deflector provides extra protection against water in the entrance area of the sliding door. At present this feature can only be used with the Fiat Ducato, but soon it will be available for other vehicles too.




REMIcare Van insect protection door

With the REMIS insect protection doors, you can enjoy fresh air and light in your van.

REMIcare Van rain deflector

The REMIcare Van rain deflector keeps raindrops away from the sliding door (only for Fiat Ducato).

REMIcare II insect protection door

The pleated insect protection door that perfectly matches the interior of your motorhome & caravan.