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REMIcare Van Regenabweiser leitet Regen gekonnt von der Schiebetür eines Fiatducato bei strömendem Regen ab

REMIcare Van rain deflector

The REMIcare Van rain deflector for the Fiat Ducato and structurally similar models is the perfect extension to the REMIcare VAN insect protection door.

Our rain deflector is installed on the top edge of the door cut-out and deflects raindrops away from the vehicle so that water cannot collect in the door area. With a little skill, you can retrofit it yourself. It sits concealed in the interior and folds out automatically when you open the sliding door.

Extensive tests have shown that even light drizzle is kept out of the vehicle’s interior.


REMIcare Van rain deflector for the Fiat Ducato

Here you will find the current selection of product variants for various vehicle sizes and with different equipment variants. 

models: Only available for the Fiat Ducato (X250 / X290)